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India is exploding and it would remain in sweet spot for next 2-3 decades. 50s were for Japan, 70s for South Korea, last two decades for China and East Asia. Now with China losing its advantage on low cost production, the world will have new production centres. India is hottest out of these, as it is the only growing BRIC country and would be least affected by the change in global interest rates or geo-political situation.

The disposable income in India is growing at CAGR of 8-10%. The workforce population is also youngest in the world, thereby ensuring availability of the market and skilled workforce for next at least 20 years. The Demographic profile for India clearly places this as the next investment hubs for production and services. This is the right time to locate to India for market access and also setup production units which would be able to reduce the cost of production for the foreign companies.

EWNM welcome you to India and would be happy to be your partners for establishing your presence at very competitive cost. While we would set up your India presence, top management of the client can focus and spend their time on their core activities.