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Knowing your business eco-system for sustaining growth and reducing risk

Effective (Impact Full) Business Strategy is one which can dynamically adapt to the changing Macro and Political situations.
As we do econometrics for economic forecasting at global and regional levels for G-20 countries, the impact of policy changes and macro on business & financials, forecasting the state level macro issues of the India states, risk analysis, industry forecasting and generate research reports. Our clients find it advantageous to use economic analytics for their strategy and business expansion. We help them in spotting the opportunity early and also build a strategy which minimizes risks.

EWNM systematically collect information on macro data for G-20 countries generated by governments, multilateral organizations, central bankers and industry bodies. We focus on the Growth, Interest Rates, Fiscal and Monitory positions, Inflation, Policy, Polity and International Trade, Demand and Supply, and Industrial Production to analyze various geographical regions and industrial sectors. For India, we also look into the micro market in different states so that market access issues can be addressed to start from the best possible locations in India. We have in-house developed algorithms to understand the emerging business trends for a country, geography, industry, currencies and commodities. This information is useful for our clients for international business expansion and financial services companies.

What makes our services special is that we combine business experience and insights to generate alternative solutions for our clients.

Advisory Services


Strategy, International Business Expansion, and Risk Management – Macro research is one of the pillars which we apply for risk mitigation and generating insights into the strategy formulations for our clients for international business expansion and market access and marketing for our clients.

Services for Macroeconomic and Industry Research

  • Market Access, Turn Around and ROE improvement for the existing businesses
  • Back office support for the financial services firms
  • Strategic advice for business expansion
  • Customized research reports on Macro and Industries

  • Investments and Financial Services

    We have a model which mimics a top-down approach to analyze the business environment and this is backed up by the micro information on the individual sectors and companies. For Planning investments we use the following in-house tools:-

  • Macro-simulator – for generating information on geographies and individual sectors.
  • Funds flow tracker – Track Smart money activities.
  • Weather at 100x100Km grid mapped with investments assets – It has the capacity to impact growth parameters on short and medium terms.
  • We work for attaining 360 view for our clients for reducing risk and let them take informed decisions with valuable insights.

    24X7 – Macro industry analysis - Client Services Dash Boards for Management decision making

    We provide self-refreshing dashboards for the top management at the corporate, verticals and the projects which are very helpful in day to day decision making. The Dashboards combine the macro – picture, operational data, and financial data.

    Sample dashboards are available in the reports section.

    Forex and Commodity Hedging

    EWNM model keeps track of the interaction of the macro parameters of countries and industry to calculate the demand and supply and financial valuation of the assets. The results are projected on the forex and commodity hedging dashboards for the benefits of our clients. We provide customized dashboards and work with our clients for effective decision making to implement hedging operations on their physical and financial assets.

    Research reports from EWNM

    Insights to know macro changes and direction of policy. We undertake policy advocacy work in India and also bring the reports on:

  • Macro-financial analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Country Analysis
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Policy foresight
  • Cutting edge debate on the global economy
  • Insight into parameters which affects Business and move policy
  • Strategic macro guidance
  • Risk Analysis
  • Micro market analysis for opening latent demand for client products and services
  • Our customized research reports provide insights for making impactful investments and reduce the risk for your investments and business