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Let Insights drive your business decisions

At EWNM we consciously use technology for the advantage of our clients. In addition we are a Data Modelling organisation to create appropriate algorithms to improve quality of the insights and time for doing analytical work.

We combine sector knowledge, modelling and analytical tools to create Dash Boards and Analytics for the top management which is updated at the desired frequency for our clients.

EWNM have successfully done data analytics of more then 700 sites globally and that number is fast growing to cross 4 digits.

Our specialties

Data Analytics for providing insights for customers and employee issues

EWNM has capabilities to undertake customized analytics for customers and employees issues. Through our data modeling capability we evolve algorithms which give pinpointed solutions for client’s problem areas. E.g. one of our work is combining the IBM and the Bain theory in Data Analytics for driving out credible results for our clients. We have also developed the simulation techniques to point out the parameters which can improve the customers and employees response thereby cutting the time and resources required from the organizations for implementing correct decisions.

Speed Matters: EWNM has also developed a technique for converting multi-plane data into a single plane. The data is rebuilt with self-correcting digits so that the report accuracy can be maintained at 100%. This process has helped EWNM to cut down analytics reporting time by 80-90% even for the customized analysis and reports.


Client Services Dash Boards for Management Decision Making

We provide self-refreshing dashboards for the top management at the corporate, verticals and the projects which are very helpful in day to day decision making of the clients. Our Dash boards combine the macro – picture, operational data and financial data for the benefits of the client decision making. Since we have a team of exCXOs, we understand the management needs while customizing the dashboards for our clients. Please see a sample dashboard in our report sections.

Product Development and Dash Boards for Financial Services

EWNM with its over 20 years of research experience on the macro and financial markets, bring to the industry, Dash Boards and products for managing decision making and operations at client's end.

Quick Time Delivery and Quality for Analytics at EWNM

  • Expertise
  • Domain Area Capacity
  • Mathematical Modeling Capacity
  • Data Analytics is effective when you can develop the right algorithms creating a link between management ask and available data. EWNM’s one of the pillars engages in the Industry and Macro Research and has the capability to visualize layers of data to convert data into usable insights. So far we have been very effective in reducing analytics time for our clients. Through our capabilities on providing quick reports and solutions, we help our clients in cost savings apart from improvements in ROE due to analytics itself.

    We combine our domain knowledge expertise and power of analytics for the following areas

  • Financial Services
  • Macro- Economics
  • Logistics sector
  • Infra sector
  • HR and Customers Analytics
  • Pricing & Cost Analytics (Currencies) products and commodities
  • FMCG and Retail markets
  • E-Commerce markets