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SmartViser Technology : Mobile Phone and Network Automated testing solutions: It converts mobile in Robot, Probe and Usage generator and improves speed at which testing can be conducted.

EWNM represents SmartViser, France in India. We supply automated test suite of SW products giving a customer experience insight from the Mobile point of view. Their mission is to simplify the everyday life of test teams by providing them with a reliable automation of their hand test campaigns. We aim to free up time for these teams and enable them focusing on the hot topics of their task.

EWNM provides innovative solutions of LS Telecom in India which automates the spectrum management in telecom In an increasingly connected world, we assure that all spectrum users achieve their radio communication objectives in the most optimal and cost-efficient way. We Delivers technologies and services to national and international regulatory bodies, to mobile and broadcast operators, to transport, critical infrastructure, defence, PPDR and vertical markets. LS Telecom optimize spectrum management and spectrum use and enable new business models based on the internet of things (IoT). .

EWNM provides 6WIND software in India which, solves performance and time-to-market challenges for OEMs and Network Builders. The company’s packet processing software and software appliances are optimized for cost-effective hardware, such as Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) servers, with a choice of multicore processors to deliver a wide variety of networking and security protocols and features..

EWNM and group companies would do the market development of ShaperSun BOILER from Energy Guru in INDIA and EUROPE. This is Solar boiler and would provide heat to the process industry..

EWNM is doing project for XPO for delivering Data Analytic Centre in Mumbai. We have end to end responsibilities including real estate, team building, Technology Development.

EWNM provides speed boats and surveillance vessels of Radico Marine. We Market these vessels in India and Srilanka. .

Global R&D Development project:

EWNM and Codeva-enterprises tied up with for development of castor oil derivatives by a French research house. Indian companies presently lack in technology and export only raw oil. Development of technology and making the same available would be value creator for exports for Indian companies

Setting up of Fruit Juice extraction plant for an Indian Client:

This would be a fruit juice extraction plant of a group engaged in agri business in India. Since they have expertise in the agri procurements; as an extension of their existing business EWNM is helping them on turnkey basis for setting up the Production unit and also setting up of its export and domestic market/Brands.