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International Business Expansion

You can trust us for your business expansion in India, USA, and Europe. We have more than 100 man-years of experience at the Board and Top executive level in incubating and expanding businesses all over the world. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients for creating the strategy and then implement the same with a need of very thin time from clients. We supplement your resources and provide you with CEO services while developing your markets and tangible & non-tangible assets.

The team at EWNM has experience in Business Development , Policy Advocacy, and Policy Planning, which come handy in the hassle-free and systematic business expansion without any surprises. We are able to get all the local benefits to your business provided by the local and national governments. The biggest support to our clients is reducing the risk for their business with inputs from our analytics and economic analytics team.

Global companies have already trusted us for their business expansion in India. Consequently, we have made inroads with relationships with top companies which is an advantage in the quick opening of markets for our clients. Since we have a team of ExCEOs we can easily break the ice with the client’s prospective customers and quickly facilitate market entry for our clients.

You can trust us with the following service

  • Country and Sector analysis for your expansion
  • Demand and Supply for your products through Macro, Product and Industry analytics
  • Business & Financial model
  • Finding and M&A support
  • Implementation of Strategy and build your assets
  • Market Development for your products and services
  • Manage your business from Board level control to operational issues
  • Take responsibilities on mutually agreed P&L
  • Pricing and Cost detailing and Analytics
  • ROE improvements and opening up latent demand for products and services
  • Other Services

  • Business Development Services
  • Market Research
  • Market Entry Access
  • Trade and export promotions
  • Market Research
  • Advisory Services
  • Macro-economics Research Services
  • Expansion and Growth advisory
  • Project Management Services
  • Local Office Set-Up
  • HR Services
  • Funding, Investments and Risk analysis

  • As part of the CEO service for International Business Expansion and Project Management, we support our clients for hiring.
    We step in to bring a key team which would fit professionally and culturally to lead the foreign entities. Our experience of working in different continents is useful to appreciate the need for proper hiring not just for the skill set but also make sure for proper cultural fit as well.
    We train the HR resources and make them suitable for achieving the goals of the clients organisation.

    We have a deep understanding of the Macro, Policy and Industrial space in India and keep a tab on the financing requirements for various industries. We provide a bridge between the industry and funding sources and bring comfort on both sides to transact and facilitate funding. Our round the clock research on industry makes funding houses comfortable with our credit flow recommendations.

    In M&A, we spot the opportunity very early in the game as we keep a tab on the industrial organized retail will have good M&A activities. The industry would shift from eco system. We can help the clients with due diligence of the spotted opportunities and help them in evaluating the acquisitions costs. We also help clients in post-acquisition support to integrate the business and manpower. The power sector, Renewable energy, Logistics and unorganised organized sector for all except the Power Sector in which the M&A will be on account of sickness.

    EWNN has been created on the parameters of top executive experience backed with Analytics and Macro Econometry. We not only create research reports for the industry but also provide back-office services for our clients which could be: Set up their back-office operations in India.

  • Handling research needs for respective clients
  • Provide third-party industry and companies reports
  • Back office for advisory services of financial services clients handling
  • Independent inputs for the investment analysis
  • EWNM has experience of setting up of project backbone for one of the largest nonbanking finance company and also a private bank in India.