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East West New Markets ( EWNM) has been founded by the experts who have established new businesses; have successfully done business expansion in various parts of the world. Stake holders have the diverse nationalities and worked in the different international business environments. The Key management persons are from India, France, USA and Australia and for last 25-35 years have been involved in development and expansion of businesses. Please click here to see our key management team.

EWNM model is entry/ business expansion at highly competitive costs with the involvement of the client's top management at strategic levels only.

EWNM has local tie-ups to support - EPC, design, procurement, legal, finance, accounting and effectively takes care of developer's responsibilities during the project / business development stage. Our services interalia include compliance with the local rules, regulations and obtaining permits etc while providing turnkey solutions for business expansion.


Surrogate CEO Services: We work as extended arms of the management in business expansion/establishment.

Successful business expansion or market entry requires:

1. Working with client to devolop a strategy for the region (India, France, US, Australia/APAC)

2. Working with the client to execute the strategy, while maintaining a regional CEO-level conversing on refining the strategy.

3. Hands-on experience setting up factrories, Operations, Distribution, hiring appropriate talent, building the orgnization.

4. Knowledge of local regulations.

5. Policy direction and Macro-Economy constraints.

6. Knowledge of local markets.

7. big picture Macro-econmy.

East West New Markets has expertise and hands on experience on what is required for international business expansion. The team at EWNM have experience of establishing business from scratch in Renewable energy, Special economic Zones, FMCG and Agri business, Power Sector, Real estate, heavy Engineering, Electrical equipments, Training & Education, IT, Auto industry, Defence, IT-software services, and Biomedical equipments.

As an independent research company in global macro-economics, we forecast direction of interest rates, bonds markets, Macro economy , and forex markets. The company have developed in house tools that use big data for macro-economy and market analysis and these are very useful in devising appropriate market entry strategy for diverse set of industries. We use the top down approach for analysing the industry and formulating market entry strategy which is outcome of independent big data analytics.

The team at EWNM also has hands on experience at highest level on policy planning, amendment of Acts and Rules in India, implementation of policies and regulation in India at central and state level. EWNM is uniquely placed to devise least time and cost strategies for business expansion for its clients as it has firsthand experience of regulatory, macro picture and entrepreneurial dimensions.

EWNM already have tie-up with the smart cities and industrial townships for establishment of factories and offices with international standards facilities.

The EWNM is already helping foreign companies to expanding their business in India. For more information on Clients/Partners please click here.