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About Us

East West New Markets (EWNM) has been founded by experts who have incubated new businesses and have successfully done the business expansion in various parts of the world. Stakeholders have diverse nationalities and worked in different international business environments. The Key Management representatives are from India, France, USA, and Australia and for past 25-35 years; We have been involved in the development and expansion of businesses.

The team at EWNM also has hands-on experience in Policy Planning, Amendment of Acts and Rules in India at the central and state level. EWNM is uniquely placed to devise least time and cost strategies for business expansion for its clients as it has the first-hand experience of regulations, macro picture, and entrepreneurship.


Integrate latest Technology & Tools in Data Analytics & AI, and Macroeconomics with the human experience. Connecting these dots is now essential for minimizing business risk in the evolving global business eco-system.

Make Analytics affordable and optimize shareholder’s wealth on a continuous basis.


Aim to provide services to our customers for business expansion, analytics for data-driven solutions without putting pressure on client's management bandwidth.

Bring disruptive changes into business expansion planning process and execution. We intend to bring down the delivery time and costs of customised business analytics, by investing in “data modelling- to remain ahead in learning curve”, “Economics-Research -- to know the business environment” -- and “Data Analytics & AI to -- generate insights” -- for our customers.